Uplink Wireless Service & Solutions

We are providing a easy solution to a mobile demographic, wireless internet hotspots.

Expanding across Kindersley allowing internet access at any one of our many hotspots available.

What is needed?

A home based computer, laptop, tablet, or smart-phone will all get you access to our system.

How do we connect?

Activate your wifi adaptor in any of the above mentioned devices. Click on the computer icon on your computer, laptop, or tablet and select view available networks. Select the strongest UWS.... network and let your computer receive a IP address. Once connected open the browser of your choice: Firefox, IE, Chrome, etc. Enter in your user id (will be your email address) and password and hit OK and your off to the website of your choice. It's that easy.

I don't have a password?

As our system grows we will be implementing a system that is automated to supply our customers with this information, but for now we still will have a hands on approach. To get your access to our system you will have to email us at customer.service@uplinkwireless.ca . We will respond back with the information we will require from you to get access to our hotspots.


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